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The key advantage of a CFD (Contract For Difference) is the opportunity to speculate on the price movements of an asset (upwards or downwards) without actually owning the underlying asset.

CFD's Trading Video

Base Currency Option ▷ USD,EUR   Equity ▷ $100

​Maximum Leverage ▷ 1:500   Minimum Spread ▷ 1.0 pips


Instant access to the global economies


Going Short/Long according to market moves


Cost effective and direct access to global equity markets


Suits both short and long-term trading strategies


Speculation on market movements both up and down


No extra fees apply

CFD's Trading List

Investing and Trading in CFDs

Popularity in CFDs has been growing because it takes into account the price change from one price to the other, without its value. This is done through a contract between client and broker, and doesn't involve an exchange point.

What is CFDs?

A CFD (or Contract For Difference) is a contract that allows traders to speculate on the value of an underlying asset, similar to transactions seen in traditional share trading.

Gains or losses are determined by the difference between the asset’s value at the open and close of the contract and then multiplied by the quantity of CFDs bought or sold. Essentially, CFDs provide a vehicle for investors to benefit from potential price movements without taking physical possession of that asset.

How do I begin trading CFDs?

Getting started with CFDs is relatively easy but, whenever a risk is involved, new traders should take the time to research the potential advantages and drawbacks that will inevitably be experienced once real money is committed to the market. This should not be considered discouraging but, as with other forms of speculation, the risks should be understood before opening and funding a CFD account.

There are many different CFD providers now and you have a wide variety of available options tailored to your individual needs. We recommend you start with a CFD demo account, which simulates live trading conditions but does not risk real money. Once your strategies have been tested and you feel comfortable risking real money, you can start with a funded live CFD account.

CFD trading with FXBulls

With FXBulls you can choose your own base currency for your account. Individual CFD trades are then made in the currency of the underlying market and subsequently converted to your base currency, if necessary. For instance, if your base currency is pound sterling and you are trading a US equity, your margin requirement and your profit/loss will be calculated in dollars and then converted into sterling on your account.

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