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Every country has its own collection of its biggest companies, combined into a tradable market index. You can make the

 most of these price movements as the companies' collective value fluctuates.

Indicies Trading Video

Base Currency Option ▷ USD,EUR   Equity ▷ $100

​Maximum Leverage ▷ 1:500   Minimum Spread ▷ 1.0 pips


Instant access to the

global economies


Suits both short and

long-term trading strategies


Global Friendly support


The most liquid market


24/5 open trading time


NO extra fees apply

Indicies Trading List

About Equity Indices Trading

Equity indices are actual stock market indexes, which measure the value of a specific section of a stock market. They are calculated based on a weighted average of the prices of selected stocks, which belong to the actual category that they represent.

What are Equity Indices (Stock Indices)?

An Index is made up of a collection of companies. So when you trade this market, you are speculating on the movement of the combined value (and price) of these companies - as a collective (as opposed to an individual company on its own).

How Does Equity Indices Trading Work?

The differences in the movement of price between a high to low (and vice versa) in the market creates the profit-making opportunity (just as with Forex). But instead of economies and currencies, the fluctuations occur as a result of the growth or contraction of the companies. In the USA, we have the Dow (made up of 30 companies); China's stock exchange has 50, Australia - 200; UK - 100 companies; Hong Kong - 50, etc. You can see the full list in the available markets in your MT4 platform.

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